Are you a
mom with a message?

  • What if you could give hope to others, based on your life experiences?
  • What if you could enjoy the "more" in life?
  • What if you could make money while making a difference?

Now you can...

turn your experiences into a meaningful,
money-making message!

Dr. Neen's workshops are dynamic, spirit-filled gatherings for people working towards meaningful goals and objectives. She facilitates group advancement in a girlfriend-like manner. It's a true opportunity to evaluate and improve your life's balance.

Working single mom

Think about the answer to these three questions:
  1. How much of a difference could you make with $10,000?
  2. What if you received that every month?
  3. What if there was no limit to your monthly income from your branded message?

Before Dr. Neen’s class was over, I had enough knowledge and confidence to pitch my idea to a sponsor and receive a verbal agreement for $5,000. Just weeks after the class ended, I picked up a check for DOUBLE the amount! I found my $10,000 for my message and will do it again!

Working mom

What about you?

the Time is Now,
We'll Show You How...

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About Dr. Neen

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